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Energy resources are the emerging forces behind the enhancement of a nation. There are natural and preserved energy resources. Mostly we are consuming the preserved resources to fulfill our energy needs. They are the fossil fuels like petroleum, natural gas, coal etc. Sunlight, wind, rain, tides and water power are the major natural resources which have been not yet utilized properly.

Today India is encountering a major energy insufficiency. It leads to an energy crisis which is apparent in frequent load shedding, power failure, closure of factories, man-hour loss and decrease in production. Part of the problem is related to the insufficient energy resources leading to the shortage in supply which is not able to meet the growing demands of power in the rapidly expanding industrial, transport, agricultural and urban sectors. Here is the need of an alternative energy resource which would support the environment protection also.

Solar power is considered as the solution for this crisis, the energy received from the sun that sustains life in the universe. For many decades solar energy has been considered as a huge economical source of energy. However, it is only now, after years of research, the technology has made it possible to harness solar energy. We, Solar plus power, are the manufacturer & supplier of choice for solar power accessories and energy reduction components. We represent as the leading brand and specialization in providing premium quality components to the Solar energy Industry.
Our Team

Director: Anil Thampi

V.P. Project:

Akshay Thampi (Mumbai)

Renjith Nambiar (Kerala)

V.P. Operations:

Vinod A. Kurup


Apart from this we have dedicated team of professionals who are expert in installation and service.

About Us

The Solar plus power is a venture to focus on product innovation using the latest technological back support like battery, LED and solar technology. It ensures an ultimate reliability across our range. The Solar plus power has a long term vision to supply an uninterrupted solar power to a large number of businesses and organizations of all sizes.

The company believes its R&D capabilities as a vital component of its business strategy that will provide a sustainable and long-term competitive advantage. The Company has an excellent and experienced group of R&D professionals engaged in never ending research and development of our exclusive product range.

Building new business means building new relationship. The company always values their customers with premium standards of products as well as with a class apart technical support. Its technical team has a ready to service attitude. They are always at your fingertips.

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